About Genome Modeling Tools

The Genome Modeling Tools site provides reliable software for high-throughput genomic analysis that is easy to install and well documented. The software on this site is developed and maintained by the Informatics group at The Genome Institute at Washington University School of Medicine.

Where possible, source code for the software on this site is available on GitHub. Patches are welcome.

At present, only a small fraction of the software produced at The Genome Institute is packaged for external use and available on this site. Funding from the National Human Genome Research Institute allows for maintenance and continued development of these and other tools. To the greatest extent possible, we package the tools and make them available here for easy use by the larger genomics community. Many other software tools developed at The Genome Institute can be found at The Genome Institute software site. Funding is currently being sought to package the entire analysis system currently in production use at The Genome Institute.

Support is provided via the BioStar community. Please see the FAQ for more details.